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Churnwalker Guide (Captain)

By: VGM123
Last Updated: Oct 12, 2017
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Hello Top

I'm new here and this is my first guide, so please feel free to leave any feedback. So Churnwalker is the new hero that came out on Vainglory update 2.9. I was lucky enough to get him through the rare mystery chest and played him for a bit and felt that i should make a guide so players know what to expect when the seven day period is off and is available for glory purchase.

Churnwalker Top

Churnwalker is an exceptional hero between early to mid game, however it falls off a bit during late game. Churnwalker's abilities are quite powerful, due to his heroic perk, with the ability to heal 18% of the damage taken by enemies hit by his chain and also make enemies take 30% of the damage that another enemy took and his ultimate stuns enemies along with a short cooldown, but it is important to time it as it needs a bit of a start up before it takes effect. Churnwalker's abilities all have pretty low energy cost with his A costing a mere 20 energy, B and Ult costing 75 energy, paired with the fact that he starts with 380 energy pool.

Churnwalker's playstyle basically revolves around his A, hook and chain. It is important to land this skillshot as all of his abilities doesn't work if it doesn't hit and the refreshed cooldown given if it hits, allowing for you to instantly land another chain on other enemies.

His B, torment, pulls enemies with a chain towards him, this is a good ability to pull enemies in so your teammates can kill the enemy, or to pull the enemies away from your teammates by standing away from your allies. Do not use it when your are running away at the same direction as your team as it will just lead the enemy team to your team and finish your team off.

His Ult, Trespass, is a stun with a pretty short cooldown, considering it is an Ult. It allows Churnwalker to re-position himself, this can be used if there is an enemy running away, but you can't reach that enemy and you are connected to another enemy, you can use it to go to the other side, land a hook and yank them back with his B, giving your allies a chance to finish the enemy off. It can also be used to stun your enemies to allow your allies to escape and also escape yourself by using this ability to go to the enemy's other side and used the time the enemy is stunned to go an extra mile and escape. It is important to note that this ability needs a start-up before it activates.

His heroic perk, which heals him and also damages other enemies attached to a chain, is a great ability for a tank as it lets him last longer in the heat of battle and also let the enemies suffer extra damage. However it is also important to note that the chain will break off after a certain distance.

Items Top

As Churnwalker does not have much damage potential, it is better to build support to help your team win fights. Fountain as the must get item for all supports, Crucible helping to block negative effects, War Treads to let your team chase or escape, Contraption for Vision and to look through bushes and helps with landing your A, Nullwave Glove to stop the enemy support from using items and atlas, which is used to stop almost all WP heroes. Due to the fact that Churnwalker can't deal that much damage in late game and that his chains and abilities doesn't work on the Kraken, stormcrown is an option to allow for extra damage, because Churnwalker is pretty useless against a Kraken.

Thank You for Reading Top

That is all for now, I might come back to add more details or other things and share my findings with your guys about this exciting new hero.

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