Anka Assassin Full CP Top Lane by ZTQ_Alphaz

Anka Assassin Full CP Top Lane

By: ZTQ_Alphaz
Last Updated: Mar 30, 2020
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Early Game Top

In the Early Game, you don't have to farm too much. Try to keep minions close to your turret and keep that as long as possible, this will give you and your Jungler a very big advantage. You can farm easier and your Jungler can gank easier, too. If it's hard to farm, the enemy Bot Laner pokes you every time you want to last hit a minion, for example, then you should keep your position low (About next to the turret) and save your HP. Just use your B to last hit minions/poke the enemy Bot Laner. You can earn gold later with some kills or assist with the gank of your Jungler or the rotaion of your Support/Mid Laner. Just try to defend the turret as long as you can. Feel free to engage the Bot Laner, but only after you poke him/her to about 30% HP or there is your ally nearby.

Mid Game Top

Once you have a T1 Item like or , your damage will be strong enough to poke enemies. About 60% HP for a glassy Hero like Celeste or 40% for a tanky hero like Glaive you can kill the enemy with a simple combo: A -> C -> B -> Auto Attack With Passive. Remember to keep your HP high, don't get poked or you might be killed before you could execute the enemy since Anka is glassy, too.

End Game Top

Stick with your teammates, stay close and be careful. When two teams combat, do not engage at the beginning, as a true assassin, use the combo when the enemies are about 60% HP, this will be enough to kill them or makes them really low for your team to do the final job.

Good Luck! Top

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