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Just a couple of notes:

Churn is an early game captain. He has massive passive damage on his hooked enemies (you'll most likely be accidentally stealing a few early kills from your allies). It's best to start out in the jungle with your jungler, and get level 2 before you go for a gank or help out the lane.

I always make sure to get fountain as my first tier 3 item, since Churn doesn't have any team-healing abilities.

As you can see, I have Echo for my final build. This will truly devastate the enemy team since you can use your Ult twice (just make sure you hook all 3 enemies).

Churn excels in helping chase down enemies (even better if you have an initiator jungler) so you should always have boots on. Cooldown reduction on the final build is massive - 25% from Nullwave and 30% form Contraption.

Churn is a captain that really has good peeling capabilities. So if your ally is being chased by 3 enemies, you can hook them for a slow. If they still pursue, you'll have to sacrifice yourself by getting behind them, and pulling them back to you, away from your ally. This will most likely make them change their focus on you (you'll most likely die :P).

SylentNoise, out~

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